Antonie Pietsch, Dipl. Ing. Weinbau
Beeing a winemaker is one of the most fascinating professions I can think of. The work in the vineyards is manyfolded and exciting: in winter you have to prune the vines, in spring you  fasten it, in sommer there is a lot of foliage treatment that has to be done and in autumn you finally harvest the grapes. In addition to that comes the vinification process of the wines in the cellar, that requires a lot of care and sensibility.

Our wine estate "Bacchus Speicher" is located vis a vis Mainz in the Rheingau in Mainz-Kostheim. We currently cultivate  1,6 Hektar of vineyards  - with the great assistance of my husband, my childrens and - last but not least - our dog "Zeus". Beside that I enyoy very much to guide many national and international wine tours here in our lovely region throughout the whole year.   

Winemakers little helper - our dog "Zeus"