On the Paths of German Wine in Mainz
A City Tour including Winetasting

The city of Mainz - located directly on the river Rhine - was founded by the Romans 2000 years ago. Since then, wine has always played an important part in the cultural, economic and social life of the city.

During this time Mainz has also initiated and influenced many famous wine monuments in neighboring wine-growing regions. Today it is still surrounded by a large area of vineyards containing some of Germany´s most famous vineyard sites.

 Bacchus MarktbrunnenGutenberg Museum

On our Walking Tour through Mainz you will learn many important historiacal facts about the city in general as well as about the development of wine culture in the city and the surrounding wine-growing region. The tour will lead us on footpaths through the old city of Mainz, stopping several times at the most interesting sightseeing highlights which are connected with the city´s wine history. 


At the end of the tour, we will taste some regional wines in an athmospharic "Kasematte" of the Mainz Zitadelle. There you will learn more about the different German wine qualities and the various details on a German wine label.